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Professional Website Translation Services

Website Translation Services
LinguaVox is a website translation services company with both ISO 9001 and EN-15038 certifications, offering a comprehensive website translation and localization service in more than 150 languages.

Your English website can only be understood by about 27% of global users.

According to the latest statistic published by Internet World Stats in June 2010 regarding the top ten languages used on the web, 27.3% of all Internet users used English when searching the web. About 82.2% of all Internet users searched in one of the top 10 languages – Chinese (22.6% with 445,000,000 users), Spanish (7.8% with 153,000,000 users), Japanese (5% with almost 100,000,000), Portuguese (4.2% with more than 82,000,000 users), German (3.8% with 75,000,000 users), Arabic (3.3% with 65,300,000 users), French (3% with about 60,000,000 Francophone Internet users), Russian (3% with 59,700,000 users), and Korean (2% with almost 40,000,000 users). Internet users searching in other languages were about 17.8% with about 350,560,000 users.
Our website translation and localization services will help you increase your global reach.
The more languages on your website, the more potential customers it will reach. Statistics show that Internet users browse longer on websites written in their native language, and that they are more likely to purchase products or services when they feel confident that they clearly understand all the terms and conditions and no subtlety is lost due to reading the website content in a foreign language. Translating your website into one or more of the top 10 languages would enable your company to be a choice for millions of potential clients. However, you need to show your website visitors a website that sounds just as if it were written originally in their language. The way to assure that is by assigning your website translation to a certified website translation services company with a multidisciplinary team of linguists and website localization (l18n), globalization (g18n), internationalization (i18n), and software engineers working together to produce a linguistically and culturally spotless website.

Guaranteed Quality – ISO 9001 & EN-15038 Certified Website Localization & Translation Service

Our two quality certificates (ISO 9001:2008 management quality system + EN-15038:2006 certified translation service) guarantee a flawless translation, reading as if it were originally written in the target language (European or Latin American Spanish, European or Canadian French, German, Italian, European or Brazilian Portuguese, British or American English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, or any other of the 150 plus languages we handle.)

Website Translation & Localization Services in all web file formats

LinguaVox Website Localization Services Division can translate static and dynamic websites and work with most types of web file formats, such as .htm and .html (Hypertext Markup Language Files), .asp (Active Server Page), .aspx (Active Server Page Extended File), .php (Hypertext Preprocessor File), .css (Certificate Signing Request File), .js (JavaScript File), .cfm (ColdFusion Markup File), .csr (Certificate Signing Request File), .dcr (Shockwave Media File), .dwt (Dreamweaver Web Page Template), .jsp (Java Server Page), .opml (Outline Processor Markup Language File), .psp (PL/SQL Server Page), .rss (Rich Site Summary), .rt (RealText Streaming Text File), .shtml (Server Side Include HTML File), .wml (Wireless Markup Language File), .xhtml (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File), WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, etc.

Although some of these file formats contain non-translatable content, it is sometimes necessary to make slight modifications to the localized version of the websites.

Website localization – a step beyond website translation

Website localization is not a synonym for website translation since it is much more than that. Besides translating, website localization experts deal with adapting the website to the local culture and language in the target market. The process of website localization usually involves two distinct and unrelated factors: – linguistic and cultural knowledge, and programming expertise. Our website localizers can handle the localization and internationalization of your website, covering all required aspects to assure that your website is localized seamlessly in the target countries. We work with graphic editing in most common software packages (Photoshop, etc), flash animations (Dreamweaver, etc) and can localize multimedia content included on your site. If unsure, do not hesitate to contact our website localizers for assistance with your corporate website localization needs.

How can you request a free quote for the translation of your website into several languages?

Although we can use several software packages which can download your full website, it is very important that you send us a local copy of your website in any website format (.html, .xml, .shtml, .php, java) or exported in a file (.xml, .xls), containing only the text you need to translate. Website downloading software packages download everything linking from your home site, and a quote based on the contents downloaded automatically would be far from approximate as it would include contents not requiring translation, and several translatable contents would be missing. Additionally, analyzing only the website pages you need to translate would allow us to check your content for internal repetitions and offer you our best price.