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Document Translation Services Agency

Nowadays, even a small family company can reach millions of international customers thousands of miles away with a good product or service, a simple website, and a service or product portfolio professionally translated by a quality online document translation service.

LinguaVox is a quality oriented ISO 9001/En-15038 certified Document Translation Services Company with offices in Europe and the USA providing flawless document translation of business and corporate documents, and websites to worldwide large, medium, small and family companies in more than 1,500 language combinations (English to Spanish, Spanish to English, French to English, German to English, English to Italian, English to Portuguese, English to Chinese, English to Arabic, etc.)

We specialize in online technical document translation of all kinds of texts, including user guides, instruction manuals, brochures, safety data sheets, product specifications, agreements, user manuals, business letters, business forms, contracts, case studies, research papers, general terms and conditions, reports, balance sheets, corporate presentations, confidentiality agreements, annual reports, business plans, certificates of incorporation, partnership agreements, company and board minutes, shareholder agreements, memorandums of association, articles of association, newsletters, press releases, industry publications, scientific journals, newspaper articles, training material, product databases, patents, user manuals, product manuals, automotive service manuals, etc.

Whether your needs involve the translation of a highly technical product catalogue into all the European languages or just the translation of a few business cards into a single language, you can be confident that our online document translation service will provide you with a top quality translation job. Since its inception in 2000, LinguaVox has helped over 4,000 companies to overcome language barriers and transmit their corporate messages seamlessly in virtually all the global languages and countries. Our ISO 9001 certified management system, our EN-15038 certified document translation service, and our meticulous and detail oriented project managers account for our increasing number of international satisfied clients in the last decade and our worldwide corporate reputation as a trusted language partner.

Our goal is to deliver flawless document translations to our clients, and this goal cannot be achieved without a database of tested and trusted professional translators, revisers, editors, reviewers, proofreaders, etc.

Professional document translation

LinguaVox is aware of the importance of rigorous selection requirements, and we only work with language translators translating into their native languages, experienced in the documents’ area of expertise, and meeting one of these requirements:

– University degree in Translation;
– University degree + 2 years of documented experience as a translator;
– At least 5 years of documented experience as a translator.

Document translation in 150 languages

Although about 75% of the translation requests we receive every day are for document translation into most common languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi-Urdu), we offer document translation services in 150 languages, including less demanded or minority languages (Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Turkish, Slovene, Slovak, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech, Basque, Catalan, etc.) Do not hesitate to contact us for translations into any language.