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Desktop Publishing Services

Desktop Publishing Services
LinguaVox is a certified multilingual translation company (ISO 9001 & EN-15038 quality certificates) offering comprehensive language translation and Desktop Publishing Services in both Latin-based languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese) and non-Latin based and double byte languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc).

Ready to publish quality – Translation + DTP

Publishing in your native language offers enough challenges as any little mistake will reflect on your company and some mistakes may even change the meaning or message completely, costing you money, success, respect, customers or maybe even all of the above. After you are able to get your materials just how you want them, translating that same message into an unfamiliar language only creates new challenges, making mistakes more likely and endangering your international reputation. It is imperative that the translated versions of your materials match the quality of their originals. That’s where we come in.

Our Multilingual Desktop Publishing Service (DTP) will help you translate your files into the necessary language while maintaining both the aesthetic and meaning that you were looking for. The goal is that all aspects of your message will translate over fully and completely, making the translated materials just as successful as their originals.

We will not only translate the language accurately, but work to translate the design. Some languages require more words or letters to say in their language what you have said in English. With non-Latin based languages (such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, etc) not only does space become an issue, but the general order and layout of your design may also need to be adjusted to accommodate the natural progression of the new language. Additionally, some languages are also read from right to left or bottom to top, unlike Latin based languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc), which are read from left to right, top to bottom.

Translating a language and the design to go with it is an involved process, even if you are familiar with the language and culture. Partly this is because some desktop publishing software lacks support for non-Western languages, meaning the material may need to be moved over to another program entirely or that extra technical work is needed to make the translation physically work within the system, costing you the time of recreating the entire piece and/or the money in purchasing additional software or using a PC or a Mac with an operating system running in the target language. However, we already possess the appropriate software and knowledge to work around these types of issues.

With our specific software and expert knowledge of the language, we will not only accurately reproduce both your images and words into a localized and culturally acceptable sample, but will also save you time and money in doing so.

DTP, sound, video and graphic editing packages

We are versatile and ready to take both text and digital files. Your materials can have been originated on a PC or a MAC. We are able to work with all main Desktop Publishing (DTP), website and software localization, sound, graphic and video editing packages including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Adobe Presenter, InDesign, Robohelp, QuarkXpress (Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese), Freehand, Flash, WebWork, Actionscript, Dreamweaver, Sound Forge, Sony Vegas, Web Works, FrameMaker, PageMaker, GoLive, PowerPoint, Visio, Corel Draw, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Audition, Adobe Captivate, etc.