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Spanish Translation Services

Spanish Translation ServicesLinguaVox, S.L. is a renowned ISO 9001/EN 15038 certified Spanish translation services company with translation offices in Spain and the United States (Michigan) and over a decade as a leading English to Spanish technical translation provider for clients in Europe and the USA.

Spanish is the second most spoken language of the world according to the number of native speakers – more than 400 million people – and the official or national language of Spain, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Honduras, El Salvador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Panamá, Equatorial Guinea, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Uruguay. Additionally, the Spanish language is widely spoken in Brazil, Philippines, Belize, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Andorra, Gibraltar, and the United States, where about 37 million people, more than 16% of the US population, speak Spanish.

With these data in mind, it is not difficult to understand why Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation services are two of the language pairs with a highest demand for translation services among technical and industrial companies in Europe and the United States. In fact, more and more corporate CEOs are aware that the best investment in advertising and marketing is getting their corporate product catalogues, manuals, and websites available in a language with more than 400 million potential clients.

Spanish to English and English to Spanish Translations

Although LinguaVox provides online language translation services in 150 languages, Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations are the company’s specialties. Since its inception in 2000, LinguaVox has managed the Spanish translation of more than 75 million words for companies in different sectors (engineering, machine tool, oil industry, telecommunications, automotive, life sciences, medical equipment, patents, legal services, etc).

Our English – Spanish technical translators translate only into their native languages, have long experience as full-time professional translators, and a solid technical background in the area dealt with in the documents they have to translate.

English to Spanish Translation Services

Translating your website or your products catalogue from English into Spanish will provide you with an open door and an extra tool to increase your sales and, thus, your turnover. In the past years, we have worked in close cooperation with companies from many different fields (marketing, advertising, SAP, banking and financial services, tourism, consumer electronics, content management systems, etc), which wished to gain a foothold in the Hispanic market in Spain, Latin America, and the USA).
Our business activities are conducted from the Spanish translation agencies LinguaVox has in Spain and the United Sates.

Spanish Translation from English

Translation from English into European and Latin American Spanish. If you need a translation from English into European, Castilian or Peninsular Spanish, that is, the Spanish variant spoken in Spain, LinguaVox, S.L., a Spain-based ISO 9001 and EN-15038 certified translation agency, will provide you with a flawless English to Spanish translation of your documents. All our in-house project managers, translators, proofreaders and editors are European Spanish native professional translators with a high university degree in Translation and English Philology, over 6 years of in-house experience, and a solid technical background (scientific, financial, medical, pharmaceutical, legal, website, patent, IT, software, hardware, automotive, engineering, etc). Last year, LinguaVox Spain managed the translation of more than 7 million words from English into Spanish for more than 500 national and international small, medium, and large companies.

If you require an English to Spanish translation to be used in the USA or in a Latin American country, our project managers will make sure that the translation of your documents is assigned to a Spanish translator from the target country (Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc.) Once your documents are translated and revised, our US based in-house Latin American linguists will carry out a final round of in-house quality checks before delivery. You can check the triple quality guarantee scheme we apply to all EN-15038 certified translation assignments.

LinguaVox, S.L. has English to Spanish translators distributed among different Spanish-speaking countries (Spain, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Honduras, El Salvador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Equatorial Guinea, Puerto Rico, USA, etc) and therefore can guarantee that the form of Spanish that will be used will match the customer needs and be adapted to local tastes and that idiomatic expressions be used.

Spanish Translation to English

Translation from Spanish into English (UK, US, Australian English). Having offices both in Europe and the United States places LinguaVox in a privileged situation with regard to the provision of Spanish to English translation services. Our European in-house project managers have a university degree in English Philology and in Translation and Interpreting, and our US based translation project managers are English native or bilingual linguists.

Thanks to its extensive database of Spanish to English translators based in the UK, the USA, Australia, and other English-speaking countries, its European and US translation companies, and its 11 years of experience as the Spanish to English trusted language partner of more than 1,000 international satisfied clients, LinguaVox can provide your company with top quality certified technical Spanish to English translation services into the appropriate kind of English, be it American, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian or British.

Certified and Sworn English – Spanish Translation

We can help you with official, notarized, certified and sworn translations from English into Spanish and Spanish into English in different countries – Spain (traductores jurados), Argentina (traductores públicos), Mexico (perito traductor), USA (certified and notarized Spanish translation service), etc.
In Spain sworn translators (traductores jurados) are appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Two of our Spain-based project managers are English to Spanish sworn translators.
Our senior project manager in LinguaVox USA is highly experienced in English to Spanish and Spanish to English certified translations in the USA.
For further information about sworn and certified translations in different countries, check the section about our Certified Translation Service.

English – Spanish Language Interpreters

We work with consecutive, whispered (chuchotage), relay, liaison, and simultaneous English to Spanish language interpreters in most European countries (France, Germany, Italy) and US States (Puerto Rico, New Mexico, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida). Alternatively, when no English – Spanish interpreters are available in your area, we also offer over-the-phone or videoconference interpreting services.

English to Spanish interpreters are also available in all Spanish cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Valladolid, etc).

Spanish voiceover, dubbing, narration, subtitling

If you need a male or female voice talent/actor from any Spanish speaking country (Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Spain) or just standard European or Latin American voices, do not hesitate to contact our Multimedia Translation Department. We also offer dubbing, voiceover, narration and subtitling services.
Apart from English – Spanish technical, legal, website, patent, sworn and certified document translations, our comprehensive range of Spanish language services also include videogame and software localization, and desktop publishing services.