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Slovene Translation Services

Slovene Translation ServicesSlovene Translation Services are our specialty. There are approximately 2.5 million speakers of Slovene in the world. Slovene, also known as Slovenian, is the official language of the Republic of Slovenia. Slovene is a South Slavic language written using a variant of the Latin alphabet expanded with the use of several diacritics. The Slovene language is regulated by the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
According to statistical data from 2004, there are about 180,000 Slovene Americans (or Slovenian Americans) with significant Slovene communities in Ohio (58,400), Pennsylvania (19,000), Illinois (15,500), Minnesota (10,400) or California (9,500).

Slovene into English Translation Services

Does your law firm need to translate a highly technical Slovene patent into British English? Does your US company want to import chemicals from a Slovenian chemical company and need to translate several documents from Slovene into American English?

Established in 2000, LinguaVox is an online document translation company providing Slovene into British and American English technical translation services from its translation agencies in the USA and Europe.

English into Slovene Translation Services

If you entrust the English into Slovene translation of your technical documentation to our certified translation firm (ISO 9001 management system + EN 15038 certified translation service + dedicated senior project management), you will receive a top quality Slovene translation.
We collaborate with Slovene translators specialized in most technical domains – legal, patents, websites, content management systems, manufacturing, engineering, banking, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, health services, life sciences, medical sciences, etc.

Slovene certified translation service

We can help you with the official, sworn or certified Slovene translation of university diplomas, adoption papers, death certificates, drivers’ licenses, articles of incorporation, agreements, medical records, stock exchange reports, etc. We work with authorized translators in several countries (United Kingdom, United States, etc), and can provide you with Slovene sworn translation services in most countries and language combinations – Slovene to Spanish sworn translation by translators accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French to Slovene sworn translation in France, German to Slovene sworn translation service by sworn translators in Germany, official translations in Sweden, Austria, Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, etc.

Slovene language interpreters

If you need an English – Slovene language interpreter in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, etc) or anywhere else in the world, just contact our language interpreting department and mention what kind of interpreter you require (consecutive, simultaneous, over-the-phone), where (Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, Ottawa, etc), and in which language pairs (Spanish-Slovene, French-Slovene, German-Slovene, Swedish-Slovene, etc.)

Other Slovene language services

  • Software localization
  • Videogame localization
  • Website localization
  • Desktop publishing services and typesetting (Illustrator, Indesing, Framemaker, Quark, etc)
  • Multimedia translation services (Slovene male and female voice actors, voiceover, subtitling, etc)
  • Urgent translation service