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Slovak Translation Services

Slovak Translation Services

Slovak Translation Services are our specialty. There are about 5 million Slovak speakers in Slovakia, where Slovak is the official and national language. Slovak, a West Slavic language regulated by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, uses a variant of the Latin alphabet expanded with the use of four diacritics.

There are significant communities of Slovak speaking people in several countries, including Croatia, Hungary, Canada, Poland, Romania, Ireland, Serbia, the Czech Republic (350,000), and the United States (1,150,000).

Slovak and Czech languages are quite similar and mutually intelligible, and most Slovak and Czech speakers understand both languages in the spoken and written forms, except for difficult dialects. There are also differences in the diacritics used in the Latin alphabet variants of each language, the vocabulary – with several false friends –, and pronunciation – different phonemes –, etc.
LinguaVox is a language translation bureau with a long experience in providing excellent Slovak to English and English to Slovak translation services for companies in most world countries and in multiple industrial and technical areas (manufacturing, construction, information technology, engineering, petroleum, insurance, legal services, life sciences, European Union affairs, patents, etc.)

Specialized Translation from Slovak into English

Our technical translation firm has offices in Europe (Spain) and the United States (Michigan), and a large database of Slovak into English translators based in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is important that you inform us about the country where the English translation of your Slovak technical documentation will be used, so that we can work with British English translators, American English translators, etc.

Technical Translation from English into Slovak

Our translation company has won two quality awards. Our management system is compliant with the international standard ISO 9001:2008, and our translation service is certified according to UNE EN-15038, a quality standard specific for translation service providers. If you entrust your English into Slovak translation to us and hire our premium EN 1538 translation service, you will receive a technical translation with a triple quality guarantee.

We also provide technical translation services in Slovak-Spanish, Slovak-French, Slovak-German, Slovak-Italian, Slovak-Portuguese, Slovak-Dutch, etc.

Slovak sworn translators

Our US translation office can help you with certified Slovak to English translation requests, and our European translation agency can manage your sworn translation requests from Slovak into Spanish by sworn translators in Spain, Slovak into French sworn translations in France, Slovak into German certified translations by sworn translators in Germany, and certified translations in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Brazil and other countries by certified translators authorized in each country.

Slovak language interpreters

Slovak language interpreters are available in Bratislava, Košice, and other Slovakian cities, and in main European and US cities. Just drop us a line and inform us about your Slovak interpreting needs (consecutive, simultaneous, telephone, videoconference interpreters, etc.)

LinguaVox also renders other Slovak language services, including Desktop Publishing and typesetting, website, software and video game localization services, Slovak voice actors, voiceover, dubbing, and subtitling services, etc. We also offer professional Czech Translation Services.