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Polish Translation Services

Polish Translation ServicesPolish to English and English to Polish translation services are experiencing a growing demand in the last few years. More and more technical companies and industries are aware of the importance of making their websites, product brochures, and services portfolios available to a potential client base of more than 40 million people around the world. LinguaVox, a full-service language company providing technical translation in 150 languages, offers website and document translation between Polish and most common languages – English-Polish, Spanish-Polish, French-Polish, Italian-Polish, Portuguese-Polish, German-Polish, Dutch-Polish, Swedish-Polish, etc.

Polish is the official language of Poland, and a minority language in the former Soviet Union countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, etc). It is estimated that there are about 40 million native speakers of Polish in Poland, and around 1.6 million Polish-speaking people in Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, etc.)

There are between 2 and 3 million Polish-speaking people in the United States, and around 10 million Americans of Polish descent. About 190,000 Polish-speaking people live in the Chicago metropolitan area only. With these data in mind, it is not difficult to understand the economic importance of the Polish community in the USA.

Polish is a West Slavic language written using the Roman alphabet. With 10 vowels and 35 contents, the Polish language is one of the phonetically richest languages in the world.

The Polish language is regulated by the Polish Language Council.

English to Polish Translation Services

LinguaVox, S.L. is an online technical document translation firm providing English to Polish translations in the engineering, manufacturing, IT, medical and pharmaceutical, patent, marketing and advertising, banking, insurance, financial and legal fields.

Our ISO 9001 certified management system and our EN 15038 certified translation service account for our constant efforts to improve our quality processes and reach service excellence and customer satisfaction in our English to Polish translation service.

Polish to English Translation Services

We only work with professional Polish to English translators with at least two years of experience as full-time translators, subject matter expertise, and professional qualifications.
Apart from that, our large pool of technical Polish to English translators, which are distributed all over the globe, allows us to tailor the target text to any specific English-speaking country, be it the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

You can check our triple quality guarantee section for further details.

Polish language interpreters

Polish interpreters are available in most large cities in Poland (Bialystok, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Gdynia, Katowice, Kraków, Lublin, Poznán, Szcecin, Warsaw, Wroclaw), in most European countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain), and North America (USA & Canada).

Certified Polish Translation

We can also help our customers with Polish certified and sworn translations carried out by certified/official/sworn translators authorized in Poland, Spain (Spanish-Polish), France (French-Polish), Germany (German-Polish), Sweden (Swedish-Polish), UK (English-Polish), and notarized and sworn translations that are certified in the USA.

Other Polish language services

If you require a Polish language website, video game, or software localization partner, you can rely on our long experience in these areas.
Our multimedia translation department can also provide you with the best male and female Polish voices for your corporate documentaries, TV commercials, etc. We work with Polish voice talents/actors, and voice over, dubbing, and subtitling studios in Poland and other countries.