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Lithuanian Translation Services

Lithuanian Translation ServicesLinguaVox is an online translation firm offering Lithuanian to English and English to Lithuanian translation services in multiple technical areas, including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, laser technology, manufacturing, mobile telephony, patents, websites, telecommunications, furniture, tourism, renewal energy, agriculture, etc.

Lithuanian is spoken by more than three million people in the Republic of Lithuania, where it is the official national language. It is estimated that there are about 1,000,000 Lithuanian speakers outside Lithuania, mainly in neighboring countries and in the United States of America with about 70,000 Lithuanian speakers and more than 700,000 Americans of full or partial Lithuanian descent (Los Angeles, Chicago).

Lithuanian is an East Baltic language written using the Latin alphabet expanded with numerous diacritics. Lithuanian and Latvian are closely related languages, but not mutually intelligible. Lithuanian is regulated by the Commission of the Lithuanian language.

English to Lithuanian Translation Service

The English to Lithuanian translators we work with translate only into Lithuanian, their native language, and boast documented expertise in the subject matter the technical documents deal with.
Incorporated in November 2000, LinguaVox, S.L., a translation agency with both ISO 9001 and En-15038 quality awards, has provided hundreds of clients with top quality translation services from English into Lithuanian.

Lithuanian to English Translations

LinguaVox, a translation company with offices in Europe and the United States of America, offers Lithuanian to English translation by British or American native translators, depending on our clients’ requirements

If you hire our Lithuanian to English premium translation service according to EN-15083, you will receive a translation job with a triple quality guarantee.

Lithuanian language interpreters

If you are searching for Lithuanian interpreters, LinguaVox can help you with conference, liaison, whispering, simultaneous, and consecutive interpreting services in Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panev?žys, Alytus), and other countries: France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille), Germany (Berlin, Munich), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia), Italy (Rome, Milan), USA (New York, Los Angeles), etc.

Certified Lithuanian Translation

LinguaVox also works with officially certified/sworn Lithuanian translators authorized in several countries – Lithuania, Spain (Lithuanian to Spanish sworn translation by translators authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affaris), France (French – Lithuanian), Germany (German – Lithuanian), UK (English – Lithuanian), and notarized and sworn Lithuanian translations that are certified in the USA.

Other Lithuanian language services

Our range of Lithuanian language services include typesetting and desktop publishing, multimedia translation (Lithuanian voice talents/actors, voiceover, dubbing, narration, subtitling), videogame, website and software localization services, etc.
LinguaVox has an extensive database of Lithuanian linguists offering technical, medical, legal, financial, website, and patent translation services in different language combinations (Lithuanian – Spanish, Lithuanian – French, Lithuanian – German, Lithuanian – Italian, Lithuanian – English, etc) and can set up large translation teams of tested Lithuanian translators and can provide you with same day, overnight, or express, rush or urgent translation services.