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Korean Translation Services

Korean Translation Services

Our technical translation agency is specialized in Korean Translation Services.

Korean, the official language in both North Korea and South Korea and a co-official language in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in People’s Republic of China, is a language isolate, that is, a language with no known genealogical relationship with other languages. Korean, the 19th language with more native speakers in the world, is the mother tongue of about 80 million people, mainly in North and South Korea, but there are also significant Korean-speaking communities in China (more than 1 million people), Japan (about 650,000 Korean speakers), and other countries.

South Korea, one of the G-20 major economies, ranks 15th in the world by nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP). More and more companies are aware of the undeniable growing international importance of this emerging economy, and have started to include Korean language versions of their marketing materials, technical manuals, packaging, websites, product catalogues and brochures to attract clients from this high-income developed country.

LinguaVox, S.L., an ISO 9001/EN-15038 certified technical translation services company with offices in Europe and the USA, has provided their European, US, and Korean clients with flawless English – Korean translation services since its inception in 2000. We work with Korean to English and English to Korean translators specialized in most technical and industrial areas, including manufacturing, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, information technology, engineering, life sciences, software & hardware, consumer electronics, legal, patents, financial services, websites, etc. Our English – Korean translators translate only into their mother tongue (Korean, UK or US English, etc), have a university degree, especially in Translation of Philology, more than 2 years of experience as full-time Desktop Publishing, so that you receive a ready-to-publish translation. Our Desktop Publishing Department (DTP) works closely with our Korean translators to make sure your Korean translation is delivered in the desired DTP or typesetting package and with the correct layout and fonts. Our DTP and typesetting experts can use Quark Xpress, PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

Our European and US translation company offers online language translation in 150 languages, including minority African and Asian languages. However, our specialties are technical website and Asian language translation services with a higher demand among our clients. We also manage translations between Korean and other languages: Korean – Spanish, Korean – French, Korean – German, Korean – Italian, Korean – Portuguese, Korean – Dutch, Korean – Arabic, Korean – Chinese, Korean – Japanese, Korean – Vietnamese, etc.
Our comprehensive range of Korean language services includes official, sworn or certified Korean translations in different countries (USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), English – Korean software localization services, and multimedia translation services (Korean male and female voice talents/actors, voice over, narration, subtitling, dubbing).