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Dutch Translation Services

Dutch Translation Services

LinguaVox is a full-service language translation company with offices in Europe and the USA, offering technical translation services in more than 1,500 language combinations, including English-Dutch, Dutch-English, English-Flemish, Flemish-English, English-Afrikaans, Afrikaans-English, German-Dutch, French-Dutch, Italian-Dutch, Portuguese-Dutch, etc.

LinguaVox was established in 2000. Nowadays, more than 1,000 clients rely on our language translation services every year. Our ISO 9001 certified management system, and our EN-15038 certified translation service are just two arguments for the increasing number of companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, and other European countries entrusting the Dutch translation of their technical documents to our translation agency.

The Dutch language, with about 28 million speakers – 5 million of which speak Dutch as a second language, is mainly spoken in the states of the Dutch Language Union: the Netherlands, the northern half of Belgium (Flanders), and Suriname. It is estimated that about 700,000 native Dutch-speakers live in Australia, Canada, and the USA.

The Dutch language is regulated by the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie).

The language is called Nederlands in Dutch, and Flemish (Vlaams) is the name they give to the several Dutch dialects spoken in Belgium. The main differences between the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands and Flemish have to do with pronunciation, and intonation. To a lower extent, there are also minor differences regarding vocabulary, mainly due to the fact that Flemish borrowed several words from French and English, and these loanwords are not found in Standard Dutch.

Afrikaans, a daughter language of Dutch originated in the 17th century, is spoken by about 7 million of native speakers in South Africa and Namibia. About 90% of Afrikaans vocabulary is of Dutch origin. However, there are many Afrikaans words borrowed from Malay, Portuguese, and the Bantu languages. However, the most important differences between Afrikaans and Dutch have to do with grammar and spelling.

English to Dutch Translation

Our English to Dutch translators have a university degree, translate only into their mother tongue – Dutch, and are specialized in the relevant field of expertise of the documents (technical, medical, legal, financial, website, patents, etc.)

LinguaVox will assign the Dutch translation of your documents to a target country native translator: an English to Dutch translator living in the Netherlands, an English to Flemish translator living in the northern part of Belgium –Flanders–, an English to Afrikaans translator living in South Africa, etc.

Dutch to English Translation

LinguaVox works with Dutch to English translators meeting the rigorous translator selection criteria explained in our certified management system.

Thanks to our offices in Europe and the USA, we work with British and American English native Dutch to English translators with Dutch language proficiency, and a solid technical background, thus guaranteeing the flawless technical Dutch to English translation of your documents.

Dutch language interpreters

We offer Dutch translation and interpreting services in most large cities in Europe and the United States. If you are planning a business trip to the Netherlands or Belgium, we can provide you with professional over-the-phone, liaison, consecutive and simultaneous English to Dutch interpreters in most cities.

  • Dutch-English translators and interpreters in the Netherlands: Almere, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Breda, Den Haag, Dordrecht, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Haarlem, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, Zoetermeer, Zwolle, etc.
  • Dutch/Flemish-English interpreters in Belgium: Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, LiègeNamur.
  • Afrikaans-English interpreters in South Africa (Northern Cape, Wester Cape) and Namibia.

Other Dutch language services

We are also highly experienced in Dutch website, videogame and software localization services, Desktop Publishing Services, and multimedia translation (Dutch, Flemish and Afrikaans male and female voice actors/talents, subtitling services, dubbing, voiceover, narration, etc.)