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Chinese Translation Services

Chinese Translation Services

LinguaVox is an online technical translation agency with more than 13 years of experience providing top quality Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation services for clients in the USA and Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.) Our ISO 9001 quality system and our EN-15038 certified translation service guarantee the delivery of flawless Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations in most technical areas. We also provide interpretation and translation services in most language combinations with Chinese and European languages (French-Chinese, German-Chinese, Spanish-Chinese, Italian-Chinese, etc.)
Our European and US translation companies are specialized in technical, financial, medical, patent, website, and legal Chinese language services in all Chinese dialects – Mandarin Chinese, Gan, Hakka, Min, Wu, Xiang and Cantonese Chinese. Our Chinese translators can use either Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese characters.

How to select a trusted Chinese translation services partner

For a business wanting to grow and thrive in the Chinese economy, owners and workers must possess a working knowledge of the language and an understanding of effective, technical translations. When selecting a professional Chinese translation agency, experience with dialects, documents, and details is mandatory when doing business in China.

Translation of documents written in Chinese requires knowledge of local dialects and languages. Chinese to English translation services must be familiar with the more than 40,000 characters in written Chinese. Even though the educated Chinese businessman knows only about 4000 characters, an experienced, professional translation service must be able to address the most distinct dialects. The Chinese language family includes at least seven families of dialects, Mandarin, Gan, Hakka, Min, Wu, Xiang and Cantonese. Working knowledge of many – if not all – of these dialects is a must for a professional Chinese to English or English to Chinese translator.

A business that deals with technical documents requires translation services that are precise. This business requires meticulous translation services because an incorrect translation can invalidate important legal contracts, provide incorrect information for medical instructions, or list inaccurate machinery specifications that could cause accidents and injury. Professional Chinese translation services are necessary for effective business relations. A translation service familiar with the variety of Chinese dialects would benefit any organization.

Desktop Publishing Services in Chinese

Our DTP department can help your company with any DTP services in Chinese in most common Desktop publishing packages, including QuarkXpress (Simplified Chinese). If you send us a brochure or product catalogue in Quark, for example, we can handle both translation and DTP and deliver the translation in the same file format of the original document. Our DTP specialists can use FrameMaker, PageMaker, Quark, Indesign, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

Chinese language interpreters

Do you need the services of an English to Chinese interpreter or a Chinese to English interpreter? LinguaVox has a large database of consecutive and simultaneous Chinese interpreters in most large cities in Europe and the USA.